An open financial network for the digital age.
Manage your portfolio with security tokens on the fastest, most reliable secure network.

Buying Securities

Slow and cumbersome, a generation behind in technology

Liquid IconWiring money takes days

Liquid IconThe market shuts off in the afternoon and weekends

Liquid IconActual settlement takes days

Buying Security Tokens

Streamlined, efficient and high-performance

Liquid IconDistributed network for trading assets globally

Liquid IconBitcoin technology for settlement of assets

Liquid IconUncompromising quality and security

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The perfect balance between
decentralization & auditability

Financial Data Kept Safe

Details of each transaction, including the type of asset and amounts, are kept hidden by default. You can selectively share information with auditors using a special sharing key. Stay in control while knowing your financial data is always secure.

Financial Data Kept Safe


Bitcoin, stablecoins, and securities, all supported within a single sidechain network. Minimize counterparty risk by simultaneously exchanging one asset for another with atomic swaps.


Easy Self-Custody

Take custody of your security tokens with your choice of Blockstream Green multiple platform wallet or a selection of other vendor Liquid-enabled hardware and software wallets. Enjoy the stability of the chain and underlying protocol.

Financial Data Kept Safe
Final settlement in two minutesiconicon
Simple, robust business rules without smart contract vulnerabilitiesiconicon
Confidential transactionsiconicon
Reliable multisig transactionsiconicon
Multisig Issuanceiconicon
Supports Lightningiconicon

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