A new frontier for Bitcoin mining investments

The Blockstream Mining Note (BMN) provides qualified investors with access to Bitcoin hashrate at our enterprise-grade facilities.

Expanding participation in Bitcoin mining
Normally, Bitcoin mining involves high-risk investments in specialized hardware and facilities. The BMN lowers the barriers to entry for qualified investors, providing exposure to Bitcoin mining through a simple token purchase.
Tradeable security tokens
By securitizing hashrate on the Liquid Network, investors can adjust their exposure to Bitcoin mining based on market conditions by trading the BMN tokens on the secondary market.
World-class facilities
Your mining investment is in safe hands. Blockstream’s highly-optimized and secure facilities are already trusted by some of the Bitcoin industry’s leading institutions for their mining colocation needs.

BMN overview

1.00 BMN = 2,000 TH/s
1.00 BMN token entitles the holder to BTC mined by up to 2,000 TH/s of hashrate.
Three-year term
BTC mined by the BMN is secured in cold storage and delivered upon maturity of a three-year term.
Registered security
The BMN is a registered security token, issued through a Luxembourg securitization fund.
Transferable between qualified investors' wallets in denominations down to 0.01 BMN.

Data for 1 BMN

Mined to date
Mined in the last 24 hours

Cumulative BTC per 1 BMN

Term length in days
Total BMN Supply
Current Epoch Progress
Difficulty Change

How it works

A qualified investor purchases a BMN token.

The BMN mines BTC using its associated hashrate.

BTC mined by the BMN is secured in cold storage.

The BMN can be traded with other qualified investors.

At end of term, BTC is delivered to the BMN holder.

If you hold Bitcoin, you have an incentive to participate in mining to improve the security of the Bitcoin network. Fortunately, mining has historically been a great complement to a Bitcoin position, thanks to its lower volatility of returns.

Dr. Adam Back

CEO, Blockstream
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