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Recent Blog Posts

Smart Signatures - BPASE '18
Christopher Allen’s talk at the recent Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering (BPASE) 2018 conference overviewed the topic of smart signatures. He detailed the language requirements for smarter digital signatures and discussed many current experiments, including Blockstream’s own Simplicity. A video of the seminar is now available.
Bulletproofs: Faster Rangeproofs and Much More
Bulletproofs are a new efficient form of zero knowledge proof. Their primary application is to replace the rangeproofs in Confidential Transactions with much smaller and more quickly-verified proofs, but they can also be used to prove arbitrary statements about committed data and secret keys. We explore their history, performance, and applications.
Schnorr Signatures for Bitcoin - BPASE '18
Pieter Wuille also spoke at the Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering (BPASE) 2018 conference. He talked about advances for using Schnorr Signatures in Bitcoin, discussing the challenges and highlighting the advantages of this new signature scheme for Bitcoin.