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Recent Blog Posts

Introducing Issued Assets on Liquid
Liquid’s Issued Assets feature was on display at Consensus 2018. Issued Assets (IA) allow Liquid users to create their own token asset on the Liquid sidechain. These assets can represent existing financial instruments like tokenized fiat, crypto assets, attested assets (e.g. gold coins), or completely new assets. Users transact privately with Confidential Assets which hide both the amount and asset type in a transaction from outside parties.
Announcing c-lightning 0.6
The long wait is over: we are excited to announce the 0.6 release of c-lightning. This release is an important milestone for the project, being the first fully specification compliant release. The 0.6 release of c-lightning is a full rewrite of the previous implementation, migrating away from the previous protocol used while designing the specification, and switching to a modular and extensible architecture, to better adapt to your needs and your infrastructure.
eltoo: A Simplified Update Mechanism for Lightning and Off-Chain Contracts
One of the core innovations that enabled Lightning was an off-chain update mechanism to renegotiate a new state and ensure that the old state can not be settled on-chain. Today, we're excited to release our latest research paper on a new, simplified, update mechanism for layer 2 protocols, called eltoo