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Instant energy demand from the Bitcoin network
Connect Blockstream's modular Bitcoin mining units to your power generation facilities and create scalable energy demand.

Create Supply,
Control Demand

Demand from energy grids fluctuates through the day, but energy production is not easily adjusted on the fly. This leads to energy waste and suboptimal energy capacity. With Blockstream Energy, you can maximize your energy production potential by providing scalable baseload demand direct from the Bitcoin network.

Blockstream Energy

Supporting Renewables

Blockstream Energy can be operated with consistent, high load factors or powered only when needed via automated demand response, making them the perfect companion for alternative energy projects such as solar or wind.

Blockstream Energy

Unlock Stranded Energy

Energy resources are often isolated far away from where they can be fully utilized. With Blockstream Energy, we move the demand to you. Our Blockstream Satellite connection also ensures that you can connect to the Bitcoin network regardless of the quality of the local internet connection.

Blockstream Energy

The Modular Mining Unit

Standard Form Factor
Standard 40-foot shipping container dimensions enable easy global transport and simple deployments.
Fully self-contained and ready to go. Just connect to power and be fully operational on the day of delivery.
Unlimited Scale
Each MMU consumes one megawatt of power with a load factor greater than 95%. Deploy as many MMUs as you need.
Fully Autonomous
Automatically connects to our operations center for remote management of all internal systems.

How It Works

Equipment lease
You lease our Modular Mining Units (MMU) and we sign a power purchase agreement for all electricity consumed by the MMUs.
We help deploy the MMU at your power generation facility, connecting the units to onsite power and the Bitcoin network.
Supply power
Supply power to the MMUs, the grid, or a mix of both, adjusting as necessary to ensure all energy capacity is consistently utilized.
We monitor the MMUs 24/7 to ensure they are always generating reliable ROI, with onsite support delivered as needed.

Service & Support

24x7 Active Monitoring To ensure maximum reliability and fast response times in the event of an issue.
95% Load Factor MMUs are designed to operate at a stable and consistent load factor exceeding 95%.
24 hr Installation Service We can install and have MMUs operational within 24 hours of delivery.
72 hr Equipment Replacement Equipment failures replaced within 72 hours to minimize downtime.
72 hr Onsite Service Engineering team to arrive onsite within 72 hours of detecting a problem.
90 days Periodic Maintenance Regular maintenance and upgrades throughout the lifetime of the contract.
Contact our sales team
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