Not Your Keys, Not Your Coin
Keys are stored on user's device and never touch our infrastructure. Eliminate risk and liability of holding user funds. Reduce regulatory and compliance overhead.
Automated NodeOps
Provide uninterrupted lightning services with minimal downtime and enterprise-grade reliability made possible by Core Lightning. No devops required.
Developer Friendly
Integrate lightning payments in your app with just a few API calls. No more learning all of the quirks of operating an LN node, or diving into the protocol specifications.
Easily scale to as many users as your business demands.
No Walled Gardens
Users have the option to seamlessly off-board their greenlight node to their own self-hosted infrastructure.

Custom Liquidity Management

Use your own Liquidity Service Provider or choose any of our partner LSPs to enable sending and receiving lightning payments in your app.

Low Cost

The lightweight Core Lightning node implementation is used to power Greenlight, which means we can provision Lightning nodes efficiently and pass that savings on to you.


Get Started Now

Integrate non-custodial lightning payments in your app with just a few lines of code. Learn more about how you can install the Greenlight client, register a node and more.

Request an invite
The invite system allows us to gradually scale up in a controlled fashion during this early phase of the service. Enter your details on the right, and we will send you an invite as soon as possible.