Your personal Core Lightning node, without the technical fuss.
With Greenlight, developers can integrate Lightning in their apps seamlessly, while granting users full control over their funds.
Not Your Keys, Not Your Coin
Keys are stored on user's device and never touch our infrastructure. Eliminate risk and liability of holding user funds. Reduce regulatory and compliance overhead.
Automated NodeOps
Provide uninterrupted Lightning services with minimal downtime and enterprise-grade reliability made possible by Core Lightning. No DevOps required.
Developer Friendly
Integrate Lightning payments in your app with just a few API calls. No more learning all of the quirks of operating an LN node, or diving into the protocol specifications.
Easily scale to as many users as your business demands.
No Walled Gardens
Users have the option to seamlessly off-board their Greenlight node to their own self-hosted infrastructure.

Custom Liquidity Management

Use your own Liquidity Service Provider or choose any of our partner LSPs to enable sending and receiving Lightning payments in your app.


Low Cost

The lightweight Core Lightning node implementation is used to power Greenlight, which means we can provision Lightning nodes efficiently and pass that savings on to you.


Pricing Plan

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Free Plan
Discover what Greenlight can do for you and your team/company.
  • For individuals building passion projects or small teams just getting started with Lightning
  • 1000 on-demand Lightning nodes, usage limits apply
  • Community support
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Enterprise Plan
Achieve more with tailored plans, enhanced scale, and premium support.
On request
  • For large organizations that need extra volume and support
  • Tiered plans to scale with your needs
  • Superior uptime and reliability levels for uninterrupted operations
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Priority support
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free plan work?
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The free plan offers you a total of 1000 on-demand Lightning nodes for free.
How long can I retain the 1000 nodes available in the free plan?
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The 1000 on-demand Lightning nodes in the free plan are available for an extended period. There's no specific time limit set for their use currently. We recommend regularly checking our updates or terms of service for any changes.
What do you mean by nodes being on-demand?
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Greenlight nodes operate on an on-demand basis. This means they activate only when called upon to perform a payment operation and then go into a sleep mode after the operation is completed. This ensures efficient usage without unnecessary resource consumption. It is important to note that Greenlight nodes are guided by a fair usage policy in order to prevent potential abuse or attempts to exploit the service by continuously activating nodes. This policy acts as a safeguard against misuse, ensuring that every developer benefits from consistent performance.
What if I need the nodes to be running 24x7?
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If you require nodes that run continuously without going into sleep mode, please contact us. We can discuss higher availability requirements tailored to your needs, which are available in our Enterprise plan.
What is the Enterprise plan?
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The Enterprise plan is a custom plan tailored to your specific requirements. It removes limits on the number of nodes and their usage, and offers a dedicated customer success manager, priority support and enhanced capabilities based on your needs.
How much does the Enterprise plan cost?
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The pricing for the Enterprise plan varies, as it depends on several factors unique to each customer's demands. If you're interested in exploring this option, please reach out, and we'd be happy to discuss a solution best suited for you.
Where can I see my usage or billing information?
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Usage and billing information will be added to the Greenlight Developer Console soon.
Do you offer customer support?
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Absolutely. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our Discord Server in the #greenlight channel.
I have additional questions about the product, where can I find more info?
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Feel free to email us at

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Integrate non-custodial Lightning payments in your app with just a few lines of code. Learn more about how you can install the Greenlight client, register a node and more.