Your personal Core Lightning node, without the technical fuss.

Greenlight provides low cost, on-demand managed Lightning Network node provisioning while granting users full control over their funds.

Your Keys, Your Coin
While we provide our expertise in Lightning Network node management, you retain full control over your bitcoin. Your keys are stored on your device and never touch our infrastructure.
Only use your node when you need it. Done sending #unfairlycheap payments for the day? Your node automatically shuts down so you don’t incur unnecessary costs.
Developer Friendly
Get started building that awesome new Lightning app without having to learn all of the quirks of Linux operating systems, hosting providers, etc.

Easy Onboarding

One of our main goals for Greenlight is to make onboarding users to the Lightning Network as easy as possible. You shouldn’t need to become a DevOps ninja to get started with Lightning.

Low Cost

The lightweight Core Lightning node implementation is used to power Greenlight, which means we can provision Lightning nodes efficiently and pass that savings on to you.


Get Started

We want to ensure users have the best possible experience when using Greenlight, so the initial rollout includes two exciting launch partners.

Sphinx, an encrypted messaging service built on the Lightning Network.

Striga by Lastbit, a service that lets users spin up their own personal nodes on demand without having to run any of the infrastructure themselves.

Contact our team
Want to integrate Greenlight into your product or service? Send us a message and we’ll get in touch.