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Blockstream Affiliate Program
Join a community of like minded Bitcoiners and help your audience be part of the next great phase of economic progress.

Sign up today and earn money promoting Jade for self-custody.

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Why join the Blockstream affiliate program?

Be at the forefront of

Benefit from the work you do for Bitcoin and help provide the technology and know how to onboard a billion people.


Become the Bitcoin
teacher you needed
when you first started

Access free learning material and support so you can help your network integrate Bitcoin technology into their daily lives.


Help expand access to
financial opportunity

Be early to the Liquid Network and show others how to use Jade to self-custody financial assets like the Blockstream Mining Note, stablecoins and security tokens.

Become an Affiliate
Get approved and receive your promo codes and dashboard.
Promote Self-Custody with Jade
Share your promo codes in articles, on social media or on your website.
Earn Sats
When customers use your promo codes you earn Bitcoin.

When customers use your promo codes you earn 15% commission with the possibility of getting up to 20%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Extremely. If an attacker found your Jade, they would need to simultaneously compromise the encrypted flash on the stolen device and the remote blind oracle that is used to encrypt your wallet. Keep your recovery phrase and PIN safe!
Bitcoin educators, Youtubers, Node Runners, or anyone that’s ready to start educate their community about Bitcoin self-custody.
As soon as you sign up you will get access to your affiliate link and can start sharing.
Track your progress simply and easily with our affiliate dashboard.
Reach out to to get support.
Blockstream Jade items.
Paid after each quarter close. You can receive either a bank transfer or bitcoin transaction.
World's Most Accessible #Bitcoin Wallet
Jade is fully open-source and the most affordable quality hardware wallet available.
Multisig Made Easy
Pair Jade with Green wallet to secure your Bitcoin with Multisig Shield.
Wield Liquid Bitcoin
Trade P2P and self-custody Liquid assets like NFTs, security tokens, and stablecoins.