Welcoming new members of Team Blockstream
by Blockstream

Blocksteam is proud to welcome three new people to our team, expanding our globally-decentralized crew from North America and Europe to now include Australia!

Rusty Russell, Core Tech Engineer

Rusty is a well-known Linux kernel maintainer, renowned for his foundational work on modules and iptables. After 14 years as a senior developer at IBM, he took a six-month sabbatical to work on cryptocurrencies. It was his top-notch work and writings during this period that brought him to our attention. Rusty has worked on a plethora of low-level code over the years, spoken at dozens of conferences around the world and also founded the first Australian Linux conference. He continues to maintain some Linux kernel parts as a hobby, while devoting most of his time to exploring the emerging frontier of Bitcoin development.

On Bitcoin and Blockstream, Rusty notes: “I was drawn to Linux by a group of passionate developers, and together we drove it into the mainstream. Bitcoin today has that same world-changing energy and Blockstream is at its epicenter.”

Patrick Strateman, Core Tech Engineer

Joining Blockstream as a Core Tech Engineer, Patrick brings deep knowledge of the bitcoin ecosystem with his past work experience. He most recently worked at PeerNova, designing and implementing bitcoin mining client software, including drivers for PetaOne bitcoin mining devices. Previously Patrick was a software engineer and systems administrator for CloudHashing, where he designed, implemented and maintained both bitcoin mining pools and software to support the operation of thousands of mining devices. And before that Patrick was at Intersango, where he designed, implemented and maintained asset exchange software, as well as integrated multiple payment processors/banks (such as Lloyds TSB, HSBC, MetroBank, Dwolla, Paxum and BZWBK) to facilitate automated accounting and reconciliation.

Warren Togami, Technical Project Manager

Warren is a multi-disciplinary operator at the nexus of technology and business who thrives in engineering, product management, open source community engagement and business development. In 2003, he created the Fedora Project, which after acquisition by Red Hat eventually grew to become one of the largest open source development projects in the world. He worked for six years as a Linux operating system engineer at Red Hat. In recent years he engaged in consulting projects in business management, marketing, accounting and infrastructure security. Warren has been active in Bitcoin development since 2013. He holds degrees in Computer Science and Master of Business Administration from the University of Hawaii. In his copious spare time he enjoys repairing woodwind instruments…at least until Bitcoin irrevocably captured his full attention.

Now working on the viability of the Bitcoin blockchain with Blockstream, Warren says: “I’ve long believed that Bitcoin needs improvements to encourage everyone to use it. Blockstream’s approach is the most technically correct way to improve blockchain-use efficiency while also enhancing the overall usefulness of Bitcoin.”

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