Welcoming new team members. Job openings are now online!
by Blockstream

We’re proud to welcome three new members to Blockstream’s team, as well as announce the creation of the company’s first job board with several technical and non-technical openings.

Glenn Willen, Core Tech Engineer

Originally from Los Angeles, Glenn got a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 2007, followed by a four-year stint at Google as a Software Engineer and a Site Reliability Engineer. About working with Blockstream, Glenn says, “I’ve been following Bitcoin since I read about it on Slashdot in early 2011. I love truly decentralized systems, like the ones that have survived from the early days of the Internet, chief among them email and the web. I hope to see Bitcoin take its place among them someday.”

James Murdock, Vice President Corporate Development & General Counsel

James holds extensive legal and business strategy experience ranging from IP, cyberlaw, M&A and global partnerships. He was previously Senior Director of Business Affairs at Mozilla and Senior Counsel at Google. On joining Blockstream, James notes “the Blockchain has the potential to dramatically improve asset transfer on a global scale and bring into the fold billions of people who are currently excluded. With the Blockchain, asset transfer has the potential to be as seamless as emailing or instant messaging is today, however, friction points still exist. I view bitcoin as a grand experiment to test those friction points and see which are deserved and which collapse under the efficiency of a new and more equitable technology. The Blockstream team understands this technology as well as anyone on the planet and I’m excited to be joining them to help move this experiment forward.”

Johnny Dilley, Strategist

Johnny is a specialist in Applied Data Science, particularly with regards to economic, political and organizational arenas. Most recently a member of Pantera Capital’s team, Johnny joined Blockstream because, in his own words, “there is nothing more fulfilling than taking part in the wave of change that Bitcoin brings to the surface. Blockstream is poised to be a major force in what drives Bitcoin forward. Bitcoin will address many outstanding social issues, like the distributed trust between individuals, voting, transparency between governments and citizens, as well as economic problems since I believe bitcoin to be the most perfect money civilization has ever seen and capable of solving outstanding perverse incentives inherent to financial institutions.”

We’re hiring!

This week, we’ve published a number of new job openings at Blockstream. We have both technical and non-technical positions available. If you have a deep passion for bitcoin and blockchain technology and the experience to match, we hope you’ll consider joining our team. As Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, tweeted: “If this amazing team offers you a job, you should take it.” By all means, please take his advice.

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