Christopher Allen
Principal Architect

Christopher Allen is a veteran of the Crypto Wars with a wealth of knowledge about the history of Internet cryptography, including both successes and paths not taken. That dates back to his founding of Consensus Development, where he co-authored the IETF TLS 1.0 standard and produced the first commercial SSL and TLS toolkits. After Consensus merged with elliptic-curve pioneer Certicom, Christopher worked on early smart contract technology as the company’s CTO. Though he detoured into creating Internet communities, teaching technological leadership, and producing mobile apps, the lure of enabling trust drew Christopher back to the field. Recently, Christopher was VP of Developer Relations for the secure smartphone company Silent Circle. He has also taught at Blockchain University, advised multiple organizations on privacy and security, and produced a design workshop on the Web of Trust. Now at Blockstream, he is Principal Architect, working especially on blockchain standards, decentralized identity and new engines of trust. Christopher also plays the hand pan and enjoys eurogames and noir films.

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