October 19, 2021

Specter Integrates Blockstream Jade and Liquid Network

Specter Solutions has integrated Blockstream Jade and the Liquid Network into its desktop and hardware solutions.

Specter Integrates Blockstream Jade and Liquid Network

Specter Solutions has integrated Blockstream Jade and the Liquid Network into its desktop and hardware solutions.

The integration will enable Specter Desktop support for Liquid transactions in both the Blockstream Jade and Specter hardware wallets.

The benefits for users are:

  • Creation of multisig wallets
  • The ability to connect these wallets to their own Liquid node, compatible with the Specter DIY Hardware Wallet
  • Air-gap functionality for added security
  • Users can also employ multi-party multisig setups with each other on Specter. These shared accounts enable unique use cases like creating a family trust or certain business transactions like a property sale requiring escrow between two or more parties.

Specter currently supports singlesig wallets for Blockstream Jade, with multisig, in-app BTC to L-BTC conversion, and asset issuance capability planned for later releases.

“At Blockstream, we believe self-custody is a fundamental element of Bitcoin,” said Samson Mow, Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream. “Running a node, whether it is Bitcoin itself or a layer-2 solution like Liquid or Lightning, unlocks the full potential of the asset and the ability to self-bank. We look forward to continuing our work with Specter to help make running a node more accessible and enjoyable for the everyday Bitcoiner.”

Specter Desktop is a user-friendly software application that helps users run their own Bitcoin Core node to transact easily with many different hardware wallets. The simple, easy-to-navigate UI encourages Bitcoiners to become self-sovereign and support network security without relying on a third-party custodian.

The Specter Hardware Wallet allows Bitcoiners to assemble their signing device from off-the-shelf components in a cypherpunk way, thereby keeping it immune to supply chain disruptions. The hardware solution can be extended with smartcards and java-applets to allow for secure enterprise use.

First launched in 2018, the Liquid Network is a layer-2 solution that enables faster, more confidential bitcoin transactions and the issuance of digital assets. The Liquid Network has amassed more than $1.2 billion in network value and has seen increased adoption by businesses interested in issuing regulatory compliant security tokens.

By default, all transactions on Liquid are blinded publicly through Confidential Transactions, a cryptographic protocol that keeps the amount and type of assets transferred visible only to the sender and receiver.

“The native privacy and issuance features of Liquid are not yet fully appreciated by Bitcoin users,” said Moritz Wietersheim, Founder at Specter Solutions. “Confidential Transactions are making Bitcoin more fungible and private, and we believe the technology will play a key role in the ongoing adoption of Bitcoin. Together with the wizards at Blockstream, our CTO Stepan Snigirev and the team have done an amazing job putting this together for Bitcoin users.”

As mainstream adoption of Bitcoin continues, on-chain transactions will become congested and, as a result, more expensive and slow. The congestion will increasingly push transactions to wallet backends operated on layer-2 solutions like Liquid.

About Specter Specter is a leading Bitcoin development company. Specter’s firmware platform offers the full spectrum from off-the-shelf DIY signing devices to enterprise-grade cold-storage solutions with professional secure smartcards. Specter’s desktop companion app has become one of the most popular solutions to manage singlesig and multisig Bitcoin wallets, supporting all major hardware wallets in the market and makes it easy to verify and protect user privacy with the Bitcoin Core node.

About Blockstream Blockstream is the global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain infrastructure. Blockstream’s sidechain technology (Liquid Network) enables faster Bitcoin settlements while empowering financial institutions to tokenize assets. Blockstream Mining provides enterprise-class mining facilities for the colocation of Bitcoin mining operations. The Cryptocurrency Data Feed, developed in partnership with Intercontinental Exchange, delivers best-in-class real-time and historical exchange data. Blockstream Green is the world’s most advanced consumer Bitcoin wallet. Blockstream was founded in 2014, with offices and team members distributed around the world.