Launch your sidechain or blockchain with Elements.

Elements is an open-source platform for deploying federated sidechains and blockchains, providing developers access to powerful features such as Confidential Transactions and Issued Assets.

Why Elements?

Sidechain or Blockchain
An Elements blockchain can operate as a standalone blockchain or be pegged to another as a sidechain, enabling assets to be verifiably transferred between two different blockchains.
Asset Issuance
Elements allows you to issue multiple different types of asset on a single blockchain, opening up many new use cases for implementation.
New Technologies
Using Elements to create your own blockchain gives you access to new features and technologies developed by Elements community members. This can reduce internal development and research costs and lets you explore new applications of blockchain technologies.
Familiar API
Built upon and extending Bitcoin’s codebase, developers familiar with the Bitcoin API can quickly and cost-effectively create working blockchains and test proof-of-concept projects. Being built on the Bitcoin codebase also allows Elements to function as a testbed for changes to the Bitcoin protocol itself.

New Features in Elements

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Issued Assets
Issued Assets on Elements allows multiple types of asset to be issued, reissued, and transacted using Confidential Transactions.
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Confidential Transactions
Transactions in Elements are blinded using Confidential Transactions, hiding the amount and type of asset being transferred.
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Additional Opcodes
Elements introduces several new script opcodes, in addition to the ones already supported by Bitcoin.
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Two-way Peg
Implementing Elements as a sidechain allows you to transfer assets between chains in a verifiable way using a Two-Way peg.
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Signed Blocks
Elements uses a Strong Federation of signatories, called Block Signers, who sign and create blocks in a reliable and timely manner.