Rethinking Trust.

Blockstream is the global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Our products and services form the foundations for the financial infrastructure of the future.

Expanding the capabilities of Bitcoin

Our suite of technologies enhances the Bitcoin ecosystem, making it easier for individuals and businesses to secure and transact their digital assets.

Blockstream Mining

Enterprise-class Bitcoin miner hosting

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Blockstream Satellite

Connect to Bitcoin without the internet

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Liquid Network

Bitcoin layer-2 for digital asset issuance

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Core Lightning

Scalable Lightning Network implementation

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The Liquid Network

Bitcoin's leading sidechain, enabling fast, confidential transactions, and the issuance of assets.

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Explore Liquid

Browse Liquid transactions recorded on the sidechain in Blockstream Explorer.

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Issue an asset

Learn how to issue security tokens, stablecoins, and other assets on the Liquid Network.

Blockstream AMP
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Browse our explainers and guides for the Liquid Network, or contact our support team.

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Set up a wallet

Manage your bitcoin and Liquid assets in one of our world-class wallet apps.

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