Announcing New Hires to the Blockstream Team
by Blockstream

Jonas Nick, Testing Engineer

While studying Cognitive Science in 2011 Jonas started to develop a passion for Bitcoin. Witnessing how this scientific breakthrough revolutionizes human interaction, he was inspired to shift his academic focus to cryptography and data science. Jonas recently earned a Master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich with a thesis titled "Data-driven De-anonymization in Bitcoin." In his spare time he published vulnerabilities in Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin DNS seeder, BitcoinJ, Btcd and Ethereum on his personal blog. With Blockstream Jonas continues research on security, privacy and decentralization aspects in Sidechains. On working with Blockstream, Jonas notes, “Bitcoin removes historical power imbalances and inefficiency by enabling a truly peer-to-peer digital interaction. I am amazed about the constant stream of substantial innovations in the cryptocurrency space, from Confidential Transactions over generalized Smart Contract scripting to SNARKs and more. Blockstream has repeatedly proven to be at the forefront of blockchain research and engineering, while staying true to the principles of openness and decentralization. I believe the Bitcoin community can expect Blockstream to live up to their expectations and to continue rapidly advancing the state-of-the-art in Bitcoin.”

Gregory Sanders, Core Tech Engineer

Gregory has spent the last few years as a regular contributor to Bitcoin. He was a founding author to the documentation, which is now widely utilized. He has worked extensively on the open source wallet GreenAddress, improving the privacy, security, and UX of the wallet. Now, at Blockstream, he is working on the core Bitcoin technology in addition to user-facing applications and proof of concepts. He is a Machine Learning Scientist by training, specializing in computer vision and statistical natural language processing, including deep learning systems. He holds a M.S. in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, and resides in his alma mater's state. When given free-time he likes to cook, play board games, and get outdoors when he can.

Ben Gorlick, Director, Product Management

Before Ben became involved in exploring bitcoin mining he could be found in his home state of Alaska mining for gold. He studied Computer Science at the University of Alaska Anchorage with an emphasis on distributed systems and databases. From gold miner to bitcoin miner, Ben co-founded the Bitcoin company Cloudhashing in early 2013 serving as Chief Operations Officer, which ultimately brought him to Silicon Valley. His fascination with Bitcoin’s decentralization paired well with his particular interests in Applied Data Science, Graph Theory, Automation, Complex Computation, and Cryptography. Most recently, Ben was the VP, Business Development for PeerNova. Ben is excited to join Blockstream stating, “It’s truly an honor to work alongside such extraordinary talent and open generosity, as we focus on reaching new heights in both commercial software solutions and in giving back through open-sourcing our technologies. I’ll be focusing on guiding our product roadmap. Bitcoin enables us rethink the centralized systems of old with decentralized and interoperable future through technology like Sidechains. That is a remarkable opportunity. This journey will bring about the most disruptive financial technology the world has ever seen.” Ben follows the Tao of Bitcoin in saying, “Many others will try to distract us, so let them try. We don’t have to be the first, only the best.”

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